Review of Altmann BYOB Amplifier & Attraction DAC:

My life has been changed by trusting my senses
and purchasing the Altmann Attraction Dac and B.Y.O.B.
amplifier. I know this sounds like a rather extreme
statement to make about a stereo system but it is, I
feel, oh so very true. I have been on the quest for
great musical reproduction for almost twenty years and
in all that time I have never experienced anything
like the Attraction dac, B.Y.O.B. combo.

How has this combo changed my life? Well like
this. I work as a Structural Integration therapist. I
restore balance to patients bodies in order to free
them from pain. I use a lot of energy in my work and
music has always been a way to restore my own energy.
It breathes life back into me when I am feeling
depleted. It is therapy for the therapist.

Unlike any other system I have owned over the past twenty years
the Altmann amp & dac feed my being to its very core.

I had not realized how much my senses were being
starved until I started listening to these seemingly
little, absolutely amazing, components. I immediately
started feeling better healthier, happier, more alive.
I have owned some highly acclaimed equipment but none
of it made me feel like I do now. Just so full of life
and energy.

I know a review is usually about sound staging
and all sorts of stats and all those criteria are
easily met by the Altmann amp & dac but there is
something more, much more, something I did not realize
was missing until I felt it. There is no sense you are
listening to a digital reproduction of music. It just
feels alive. Such amazing Pace and Rhythm. Such
beautiful tonal quality not overly sweet just oh so
pure. No unwanted vibrational affects or breaking
down of the sound quality as the sound levels go up
and up. Just pure JOY and rock solid integrity
throughout the musical spectrum. This 10 watt amp
rocks and loves to be turned up. This is one mighty 10

The other thing in reviews is saying this is
better than that. I am not going to go into blasting
the equipment I have owned in the past or the
different manufactures. I am only saying this. This is
living breathing loving musical reproduction as, I
feel, it should be. It is like nothing I have heard
before, in my home or at a show room. For the first
time in twenty years I am no longer reading about the
latest equipment coming out and wishing I could afford
something better than I own. I am buying a lot of
music though and no matter the type of music, Jazz,
Rock, Reggae or Classical it all now sounds so full
of life so real. I listen to a large variety of music
and no matter what I feed into this system it always
makes it swing and by this I mean you feel the artists
or the composers intention with his or her music.

I believe both the Altmann Attraction dac and
B.Y.O.B. amp are in a World class category and are the
ultimate best buy. The Attraction Dac and B.Y.O.B.
amp are feeding me to my very soul.

Other pluses, I will leave the minuses to
someone else, no huge electric bill. Paying to heat
your home with your amps heat sinks. I live in Florida
and the AC bills are high enough without all the extra
heat from an inefficient amp and pre-amp. Also here in
Florida lightning and voltage surges are common.
Battery power gives you a lot of freedom from those

The power is so clean and the back ground is
so black it is simply stunning. No more humming or
buzzing of any kind. Just pure sweet powerful music.

Thank you Charles, for you have greatly improved
the quality of my life.

Andrew Carey


This is a review of the Altmann BYOB Amplifier, Attraction DAC, Creation ADC, Altmann Phono Stage, , BYOB Speaker System, Altmann Acoustic Panel, Altmann UPCI (Ultra Precision Clock Injector) or Altmann JISCO (Jitter Scrambling Decorrelator).