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One week with my BYOB system
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I have now had Charles's Altmann's Attraction DAC and BYOB amplifier in my system for a little over one week. Here is a short review of my impressions.

Just so you know, I am not much into details -- I listen rather wholistically and just look for overall balance and engagment in sound.

My speakers are VR-4JR's. I use Signal Cable Silver Resolution speaker cable and Luminous Audio Synchestra Reference IC's. I have a hard drive based system with a Waveterminal U24 taking the USB signal and converting it into S/PDIF which I connect to the Attraction DAC via a Luminous Audio digital cable.

The Attraction DAC and BYOB amp are both connected to an Optima Red Top battery. Incidentally, I loved walking into an auto parts store as a requirment to get my new system up and running.

The sound: whole, balanced, organic, engaging.

One thing this system has done which has never happened before is that it has made my speakers disappear.

There is now just a wall of really great sound (lots of depth). The amp has more than enough juice to drive my VR-4JR's to louder levels than I care to listen to.

This system just sounds REALLY pleasing.

Oh, and the background is pretty much non-existent. What I mean is, its BLACK.

The sound sems to come from nowhere.

Thus far I have only had to charge the battery once, no big deal. I just hook it up before I go to sleep and it is charged by the next  morning -- good for another week or two.

It is worth reading through Charles' website ( from begining to end.

Fun. Really good music.

This is the least expesnive stereo I have had for some years.

Now I must get back to the music.


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