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Claim Your Ears

I would like to discuss a different viewpoint on listening.

In our lives we are subjected to many sounds, not only those of our hifi-systems.

There is for example the sound of nature, birds singing, wind, water. Voices and ... machines.

The relatively loud fan sound of the computer, that you are sitting in front of right now, or if you have a silent computer, the low hum and "kr.kr.kr" of your hard-drive.

As we perceive a sound, also if it is of low volume, we adapt that kind of vibration. And that vibration does not leave us unchanged. Any vibration that we absorb, changes our perception of anything else.

I would like to put your attention on a very important document from Mark Anstendig:


A Sound can make You Thrive or Sick

In case You did not think about it by now:

A good sound can make you feel very good, and a wrong sound can even make you sick.

Your sound perception goes very deep. Much deeper than the visual sense. It makes a direct connection to your inner being.

If you are subjected to a wrong sound ( I have an ultrasonic cleaning machine that sounds horrible), your whole body will reject the sound.

The difficult thing is, there may be low volume sounds that do not fit your human vibration, and it may take you some time to recognize and identify them. You may not recognize any special sound at all, but You will recognize a loss of well-being. You may feel an uneasyness, lack of concentration, or what we call stress.

Your body is telling you, "hey, something is not right here". If you don't listen to this warning or you are not able to identify and remove the cause, the free energy flow inside your body will be blocked, and you will be subject to illness, which is nothing but the effect of You or something blocking Your energy flow.

I want You to Claim Your Ears

I want You to have not only the best HiFi, but also the best sounding cars, computers, TV's and refrigerators.

I would like You to be responsible for Your Ears and to see you refuse products that generate a sound, that is not in harmony with your human vibration.

If you are able to Recognize, Identify & Remove bad sounds from your environment, you will feel much better, have a higher concentration and Your work will be much more effortless and successful.

If we were just Claiming Our Ears, our listening would evolve and as a consequence our consciousness.

With the clearness gained, we would go on Claiming Our Minds, Our Bodies and ... Our Planet.


There is no need at all for slavery, war and hunger. Our purpose is Joy.

Let's just start and CLAIM OUR EARS ...

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