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Solar-Powered High End Audio

- The Sound of Free Energy -

The BYOB amplifier, Attraction DAC, Phono-Stage and Creation ADC were designed with nothing in mind but the best possible sound quality, and over the years their superiority has been proved on countless occasions.

As a side effect of the ultra-pure battery-powered approach all of the BYOB devices are exceptionally power efficient. I have not cared about power efficiency at all during the design stage, but they just turned out this way.

All BYOB devices in a high-end audio system are powered by one single car-battery (i.e. Optima Red Top), which normally needs to be charged every 2 .. 4 weeks with a dedicated car-battery charger.

But wait, for about the cost of a car-battery charger, we can also get a solar-panel:

I now use one BCT50-12 Solar Panel shown above which is made by Blue Carbon Technology. This panel is designed for12V applications and has a max power output of about 50 Watts.

While listening 8 hours per day, every day to my Attraction DAC, Phono Stage and BYOB amp, I normally would have to manually charge up the battery every 2 weeks.

With the solar panel connected, I can keep my charger in the garage and run my high-end audio system on free energy :)

You may google for BCT50-12 in order to find a supplier in your region. I bought mine on ebay.

Even considering German weather conditions and with suboptimal installation (only a couple hours of direct sunlight per day) I am getting more than enough energy into my battery for continuous listening the whole day.

The BCT50-12 comes with a diode preinstalled for series connection of panels. As I use only one single panel I have removed this diode and installed it in the solar plus line directly at the battery plus terminal. This way the battery cannot feed back to the solar panel during night, and there is protection should there be a short in the solar power cable.

If you live in an area with more sunlight you would want to include a regulator to your setup, in order to prevent the battery from overcharging. Owners of BYOB products may email me shouid they need assistance.

I am very much impressed, that with less work (no more manual charging) I get great sound and the electricty for no cost at all ... I almost feel 'pampered by nature' :-)

You are free ...

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