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Hi there.

This site is the result of many experiments. My basic interest dealt with the influence of vibration on sound perception and materials that carry certain vibrations.

During the course of this site, I will disclose many of my findings and introduce a couple of products that impressively document the validity of new concepts for audio interpretation.

The Altmann BYOB amplifier

Altmann Micro Machines … Dipl.-Ing. Charles Altmann… Erlenstrasse 15… 42697 Solingen… Germany

phone +49-212-233-7039… email, privacy statement

Other Altmann Sites: www.jitter.de www.altmann.haan.de www.amm.haan.de
AMM reserves the right to make changes without further notice to any products herein to improve reliability, function or design.

Altmann Micro Machines is a german company focusing on the deliberate application of technology with the intent to improve customer's wellbeing through procreation of uplifting and joyful experience. Specialty audio products and developments with a number of applied patents include the Altmann Superlative 24 bit / 96 kHz Digital to Analog Converter, The AMM - UPCI - Ultra Precision Clock Injector -, the AMM JISCO - Jitter Scrambling Decorrelator -, the Altmann SPLIF - Split Feedback - Amplifier Topology-, The Altmann Tube-o-Lator lacquer - a coating that makes semiconductors sound tube-like, the Altmann Do-it-Yourself Tonearm, The Altmann BYOB -Bring Your Own Battery- high performance vibrationally optimized audio amplifier and the Altmann Attraction DAC, a new and unique DA converter that can play up to 192kHz audio without oversampling and features extensive jitter filtering with dual VCXO precision PLL, switchable JISCO function, tube-o-lator-treated R2R converter, high-precision I/V conversion, and high power output and a vibrationally optimized desging employing a musical spruce sound-board. The Altmann Attraction DAC is the first DAC worldwide that can play fast sampled audio with zero-oversampling, sample by sample with unrivalled acoustic performance. Altmann Micro Machines was founded in 1994 by Dipl.-Ing. Charles Altmann.