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What can one person achieve alone ? Nothing.

Without the help and inspiration of others, whether we know them or not, whether they live now or long ago, very little is possible.

Even our personal ideas do not come from within. They come from the outside.

Invention is less a process of inner creation but more like receiving ideas that already exist and working with them, maybe expanding their meaning or finding a new perspective for accessing them.

So first and foremost I have to thank my dear friend Stefan Dreischaerf for his inspiration, countless listening sessions, hard criticism and truly enormous amounts of Rothaus Pils.

I would also like to thank Dieter Ennemoser for his valuable work and his -standing up - in front of those who judge out of stupidity and fear.

Standing against those who hide beyond papers and theories they don't even grasp. Those who have no integrity, no inspiration and no joy.

If you are interested in Dieter's work, visit his website www.ennemoser.com

I would also like to thank Holger Klein from Audio-Technik, who - despite, or better according to his scientific background - never forgets the most fundamental law of science:

"The experiment decides".

This sounds simple, but today, it seems indeed to be a rare diamond, since the very majority of 'educated' people judge from dead book-knowledge and never set-up a single experiment on their own.

Of course it is wonderful, that others have found out before, but is that what they found really applicable for this time and your special application ?

Thank You.

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