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The Attraction DAC

The Altmann Attraction DAC is a complete DA converter solution with exceptional sound quality and unique features.

It operates on CD (44.1kHz), DAT (48kHz), DVD-A (88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192kHz) sample-rates, without the use of oversampling.

It features switchable optical and coaxial digital S/PDIF inputs.

The digital input signals are recovered with extremely low jitter as they are generated by custom made voltage-controlled crystal-oscillators (VCXOs) and employ the UPCI (Ultra Precision Clock Injection) technology.

A switchable JISCO-function (Jitter Scrambling Decorrelator) further increases sound quality as jitter-components from the DVD-A or CD player are decorrelated before being ultra-precision-filtered.

The practical outcome of this setup is a level of sound quality that is unrivalled.

Sample-rate can be selected by two toggle-swtiches.

A lock-detector mutes output by sending zero-data to the DAC plus shorting analog outputs to ground, in order to prevent pop-sounds, when invalid data is received. Lock-status is monitored by a red LED.

Digital to analog conversion is performed by a R2R converter operating on true sample-rate (no oversampling) and true sample-values. This means, that the data on the disc (input data) is converted sample-by-sample with high precision and without altering any data. No DVD-playback machine can do this.

The Altmann Attraction DAC is today's only digital playback machine, that can play high sample-rate material in true fidelity and transparency, as it plays the true data-on-disc sample-by-sample.

The high integration of unique features was achieved by the development of a special digital receiver-chip (Altmann R16).

The elaborate analog and powerful output-circuitry is similar to that of the much more expensive Altmann Superlative DA Converter and employs ten high-quality Burr-Brown operational amplifiers.

Like the BYOB amplifier, the complete electronic assembly of the Attraction DAC is vibrationally optimized, as the pcb is flat-press-mounted on a specially treated spruce-board. This construction is time-consuming during manufacture, but improves sound quality, as all components are mechanically coupled to a musical sound board.

Digital input and analog outputs are high-quality RCA connectors, that are directly singal- and ground-soldered to the pcb.

The Attraction DAC is designed to be powered by a single 12V car- or motorcylce battery, as battery power is pure, and a prerequisite for precision DA conversion. Power consumption is 200mA.

The unit is reverse polarity protected. Battery status is monitored by a blue power-LED.

You may load the user manual here.

Options and Prices

This is the leading edge of thought, sound, joy and well-being.

The performance standard of your ALTMANN ATTRACTION DAC is A Performance Standard.

Every Attraction DAC comes complete with battery connection cable and a 5 years limited warranty.

CD-only 44.1kHz sample-rate SPDIF

This is the basic Attraction DAC for CD-only (44.1kHz) playback. Includes UPCI jitter filter and coaxial (RCA) digital input. EUR 3000,- incl.5 years limited warranty and shipping.

CD & DAT & DVD-A 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96 / 176.4 / 192 kHz sample-rates SPDIF

Switchable sample-rates for CD, DAT, DVD-A, etc... playback. Includes UPCI jitter filter and coaxial (RCA) digital input. Add EUR 650,-

Optical input

update 11/21: Original Toshiba Toslink receiver upgraded to higher sensitivity version. With this new version larger transmission distance (up to 100m) is possible with standard plastic fiber.

Original Toshiba Toslink optical digital input (tested up to 192kHz) added to the coaxial (RCA) input. Digital inputs are selectable / muteable with toggle-switch. Add EUR 150,-

JISCO function

Switchable JISCO function (Jitter Scrambling Decorrelator) added. With this feature, you will get high-performance audio quality even with the cheapest CD or DVD-A players / transports. We now ship the Attraction DAC with the JISCO MKII technology which features a higher scrambling frequency compared to previous models. For more info on the JISCO technology visit jitter.de. Add EUR 650,-

Upgrade from JISCO to JISCO MKII is possible EUR 300,- plus shipping.

Restauration to original specification

This applies to Attraction DACs that have been modified by a previous owner or third party and need to be returned to their original performance standard. EUR 1500,-


1) Audiophile ecstasy

It grooves, it punches, it sings, it's one, it's real, it's got it all and it runs up to 192kHz.

Signal path length: 4cm from DAC to RCA analog output.

2) Mastering & Recording

Top of the world jitter processing combining UPCI (Ultra Precision Clock Injection) and JISCO (Jitter Scrambling Decorrelation) techniques -> for more info on that see www.jitter.de.

True sample-per-sample DA conversion from 44.1 up to 192kHz enables you evaluate your recording and not the sonic faults of your current DA converter. The Altmann Attraction DAC is the world's only digital playback machine with static non-oversampling DA conversion up to 192kHz.

No calculations, no averaging, and no 1-bit noise involved, but straight down conversion with a full scale output of +/- 5Volt.

OSS Ultra low Latency System: One Single Sample definitely helps keeping the groove.

That means: From digital input to analog output latencies are:

0,022 ms @ 44.1 kHz

0,010 ms @ 96 kHz

0,005 ms @ 192 kHz

Mains independent noise-free battery operation. Optical and coax digital inputs.

Make your virtual instruments sound like real instruments.

It's cool to have virtual instruments but its way cooler to have them sound great. Keeping them in the digital domain makes things sound clinical. But hey, forget about the crap that comes out of your soundcard.

The Attraction DAC does it bigger, better and real.


Paris, Montreal, Munich

Der beste Wandler der Welt !!

And Its still the best

And what a treat it is!

Digital Zen (enjoythemusic.com)

Shake my world's basis

"This is it" - End of trip

Totally drowned in the beauty of the reproduction

TheHBproject.com (dutch)

Dein Attraction DAC ist schlichtweg der Wahnsinn.

Countless hours of musical ecstasy

Most musical component I ever encountered

I find it hard to leave the room

I am absolutely blown away with the sound (MUSIC) I am getting


This is really world class!

It totally outclassed his $5500.00 SACD player

Utterly fantastic!


smoke on the water is rocken roll

The Altmann has the upper hand

My journey to find an excellent source has ended with the Altmann Attraction DAC

Am I cool enough?

Attraction DAC and iTunes

Instruments just sound right through the Altmann, what more can I say?

I received 8 new LP’s in the mail on Friday that I have not touched

This DAC easily outperforms

The best DAC that I have ever owned or heard

What is the secret of the DAC ?

Mostly its just plain Awesome! :-)

Das Entscheidende war: Ich hörte Reife

Your DAC outperformed them all !

Dieses Ding macht einen richtig süchtig

I smile...I smile.....and I smile............

With this dac, I've stopped looking for a digital upgrade

The beauty of the truth


And I have played and played ever after...

Altmann Attraction DAC on Youtube

It is just how beautiful the music flows as a whole

I couldn't believe how honest and musical the presentation was

It is indeed a fine, lovely musical instrument.

So much noise before ...music now,,

Its everything I hoped for and more

New instruments are appearing ?? . . . where did those come from - nice surprise !

Fantastically accurate to the Vinyl sound

Blue Note Equipment Award

What can I say but wow !

A 'Music Shock' !

And oh my God it is playing

Because your DAC was better!

I am thrilled thank so much.

It's a DAC Jim but not as we know it...

Fette Gratulation zu Deiner Meisterleistung

I've never heard this depth of timing and resolution from any source

Everyday I discover or rediscover, i mean, the music I own with ur DAC

It’s like the best champagne on a beer budget

JISCO-Funktion erfüllt alle Erwartungen!

The state of peace of mind

Great musical enjoyment...

I am getting high on 3D sound! :)

From audioreview.com

Sounds great instantly

It was bloody brilliant

The most honest and most musical

Immer wieder positiv überrascht

Now I understand the word timbre

So this is Christmas !!!

It sounds wonderful !!

Hammermässig gut, unglaublich!

The 'Robin Hood' of audio


I love my Attraction DAC !!

Undoubtedly the best...

First off ...

Am Besten

At the 1st minute i LOVE it

Das Teil gebe ich nicht mehr her...

But this one is the first

Wonderfully and very musically

Un disco, due cavi, e un DAC

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